About This Site

This site is provided by the Department of Biological Systems Engineering of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to present the rainfall, stream flow, and stream turbidity data collected during the Stroubles Creek Watershed Monitoring Project.

About Stroubles Creek Watershed Monitoring Project

The StReAMS (Stroubles Research and Management Site) Lab is an outdoor research laboratory located on Stroubles Creek, just downstream of the Virginia Tech campus. The headwaters of Stroubles Creek are in the Town of Blacksburg. Stroubles Creek flows through (mainly under) the Virginia Tech campus and is currently listed as impaired on Virginia's Section 303(d) list, due to bacteria and impairment of the stream benthic macroinvertebrate community (sediment).

The Stroubles Creek watershed is instrumented with a weather station and four rain gages. Additional meterological data are available at the nearby Blacksburg office of the National Weather Service. Stream stage, water temperature, and turbidity are measured continuously. Streambank retreat rates are being monitored using erosion pins, scour chains, and regular topographic surveys.

Additional monitoring can be conducted on as needed for specific projects. Due to its proximity to campus and (ultimately) long term monitoring record, the StReAMS lab provides a unique opportunity for field research, teaching, and community outreach.